Worst Fantasy Villain Of All Time

Villains, antagonists or simply put bad guys are important elements of every literary or cinematic work. They are what makes any story nuanced and they push our protagonist forward. Antagonists are such a vital part of every fiction, but to write and portray a compelling villain might be more difficult than for the protagonist. If... Continue Reading →

Fallen Franchises Dragon Age and Mass Effect – Saga of Bioware: Part 2 Mass Effect 1

There are many unsuccessful attempts at launching a video game franchise. Bioware's attempt at launching two franchises fortunately ended with success, one being the Mass Effect franchise and the other one being the Dragon Age franchise. Back in 2007 Bioware released their new RPG with a mixture of third person shooter and a bit of open world exploration game, combination that on all levels could have been a failure.

Lord of the Rings sequel trilogy confirmed

Lord of the Rings is finally getting a long-awaited sequel, that will answer all fan favorite questions like: “What is life in Middle-Earth after Mordor fell?” or “Will Aragorn be able to counter a financial crisis, that is ruining Gondor?”. So far, no roles have been cast, but we can expect that some actors will reprise their roles from the original and the Hobbit trilogy. As far as we know all three best fantasy directors have been signed to direct these three movies.

[Review] Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

During the last week I was browsing Steam for some new games and I found out that Total War games were heavily discounted. After some thoughts I decided to purchase Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. Although I heard some polarizing opinions (from it really sucks to it's fine) about this game I thought to myself:... Continue Reading →

Best DLCs

DLCs (Downloadable Content) became a swearword in recent years thanks to greedy gaming companies (such as EA, Konami etc.), but also gamers themselves, because people are actually buying these dammed things. But there was a time where DLCs were something to look forward to and to some extent they still are.

The Fall Of The Academy Awards

The ceremony of the Academy Awards is quite possibly the most famous and according to some the most important movie event of the year. It would be crazy to dismiss the Academy Awards, better known as Oscars, as a whole, because their significance still remains as important as before. On the other hand, Oscars have been here for over ninety years and right now they must face a most problematic issue in their long history, the 90th Academy Awards had lowest viewership over 40 years and people just lost interest in the Oscars.

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