A Rainy Day in New York (Review)

The romantic comedy A Rainy Day in New York is the latest work written and directed by Woody Allen. As in his previous works, Café Society (2016) and Irrational Man (2015), the formidable jazz soundtrack and the beautiful shot sunset scenes definitely make the film worth watching.

The protagonists of the story are two young college students, the clever and romantic Gatsby (Timothée Chalamet), and his gorgeous but silly girlfriend, Ashleigh (Elle Fanning), who collaborates with the university newspaper. When Ashleigh finds out that their favourite filmmaker is in Manhattan, they both decide to spend a weekend in New York, so she can interview him and write an article for the college newspaper. Finally the weekend arrives, and they go to the Big Apple. Gatsby dreams about elegant restaurants where to diner with his girlfriend and romantic cab tours around Central Park, but Ashleigh is only interested in meeting the rich and famous filmmaker. After the interview she prefers to party with the elegant and charming friends of the moviemaker, instead of having dinner with her boyfriend. In the meanwhile, Gatsby walks around New York, his natal city where his parents live, and meets the sister of his ex-girlfriend, Chan (Selena Gomez), a pretty and novice actress of short movies, who shares with him the love for jazz music and poetry. At the end of the day Gatsby finds on TV that Ashleigh is supposed to be the new hidden lover of a Hollywood actor …

The movie is pretty funny when dealing with the events that happen to Ashleigh, who becomes the prey of shark filmmakers. Also the scences with charming actors trying to seduce Gatsby’s gorgeous girlfriend by promising her to make her a well-known actress are a fun ride. At the same time the movie has also a very romantic atmosphere, for example when Gatsby sings, plays the piano or quotes Shakespeare and other poets from the last century.

The movie was completed in 2018, but it was only released at the end of Autumn 2019 due to the resurgence of the 1992 sexual abuse allegations against Allen. The #MeToo movement provoked a mutiny between the film cast during the production of the movie.

However, A Rainy Day in New York is a lovely comedy full of intellectual cues, where the jazz soundtrack absorbs the scenes in a dream atmosphere.

Picture: Copyright Mars Film

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