Murder Mystery Review (Netflix)

Are you looking for a suspense movie to watch at a rainy Saturday night to get entertained? Then please don’t watch this movie. Unlike the title suggests, Murder Mystery (Netflix) is supposed to be a comedy. And this comedy is not the best work of Adam Sandler, male protagonist of this movie, who in the past got us used to hilarious, but also deep-thinking stories. But one thing at a time.

The plot is about an American couple in their forties, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, the Spitz family, which are in a love crisis. To overcome sentimental problems, the couple is going to have a honeymoon in Europe for the fifteenth anniversary of their wedding.  During the plane journey they meet a rich guy, Luke Evans, who invites the Spitz to join him on his family’s yacht for a party. The American couple accepts, eager to have a trip around the Mediterranean Sea. During the party the Spitz get acquainted with the rich family of Luke Evans, which is composed of a cousin, an uncle and his bride, an actress, a F1 pilot, an Indian prince, an army colonel and a bodyguard. Everything looks fine, but when it comes to toast lights go off and the old uncle is stabbed and dies. Now, the atmosphere seems like a thriller by Agatha Christie, but played by wretched actors, Aniston and Sandler get into bad jokes and set aside what is left of suspense. The American couple becomes the main suspect for the murder, even if the Spitz are the last persons to benefit from the heritage of the old lord who has been murdered. The only positive element of their European ruinous honeymoon is that Aniston and Sandler regain their love for each other, solving the case and arresting the killers, after a spectacular car chase coasting stunning lake’s Como landscape.

Kyle Newacheck is the author of this sometimes hilarious, but very unserious comedy. This work has nothing to do with spontaneous funniness, Aniston and Sandler play as they want at all cost look ridiculous, but not funny at all. Murder Mystery fails as a thriller because it pretends to be a comedy, and it fails as a comedy because of the embarrassing interpretation of the main actors.

This movie was released on June 14, 2019, by Netflix and it has been watched by more than 31 million users in the first three days it was available on the streaming platform. Nowadays it is the most clicked movie on Netflix and because of this Adam Sandler recently has signed to play in eight more movies for the same streaming platform. For sure movie lovers will watch none of them, after this bad performance.

Until then keep watching, older Adam Sandler movies!

Picture: Copyright Netflix

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