Melting down the Ice Age

First Ice Age released in 2002 is one of my favorite animated movies and alongside with its sequel Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) and only two movies from this franchise I actually enjoy. Ice Age is still a very good animated movie, three well defined and characterized characters, interesting premise, combination of emotional scenes with funny humor, created a really special movie that many including me would describe as a “movie I grow up with” and a “childhood classic”. This franchise followed me, and I watched every Ice Age movie with one exception that is being Ice Age: Collision Course (2016) and that was the last time I heard anything concerning this franchise, that would be until Disney bought Fox (including Blue Sky Studios) in 2019. My immediate question was what will happen to all those cinematic franchises now owned by Disney like Alien, Predator, Die Hard, Kingsman and Ice Age. Well let’s take a look at this franchise and figure out where Ice Age could go.

Characters and plot

There were three main characters in the first Ice Age movie Manny (Ray Romano), Sid (John Leguizamo) and Diego (Denis Leary), plus some minor characters and the main antagonist Soto (Goran Višnjić). The premise for the first movie was relatively simple: “return a human baby to his father.” That was really effective, the plot wasn’t all that important it was the journey, and, on that journey, we learned a lot about our main characters. Problems came with the sequels, they constantly introduced new main characters and premises to these movies started to feel a bit overblown and repetitive: “Scrat and his acorn cause some disaster and our heroes must stop it/escape it” and that’s not just that Ice Age also had a bad habit to give every main character a “mate”, like nothing wrong with that, but it is like these characters run out of things to say, so writers just give them a love interest. It is understandable that after so many entries it is difficult to write something new to old characters and “love interest” is the easiest way out. Now, this isn’t completely wrong, Manny finding love in second movie was well deserved given his past, but why giving romantic interest to Sid? By the end of the fifth movie all three main characters have mates, so where to go next?

In the hands of Disney?

It is very surprising that Blue Sky hasn’t used humans or at least the human baby and his father from the first movie, this should be something that Blue Sky should do in the sixth movie. But if something is profitable why change it? All Ice Age movies were massively successful, except of the fifth movie, it showed that doing the same thing over and over isn’t working that well. Another thing that Blue Sky ignored is the passage of time, a lot of original fans of Ice Age have grown up and the fact that Ice Age hasn’t grown up with them. Now, in the hands of Disney there is a chance for a sixth Ice Age movie that would mimic the themes of the original movie and focus more on just three characters and maybe on the human baby from the first movie. As much as I don’t like movies that focus on nostalgia and make it their only point, this is might be the only way how Ice Age could finally reconnect with its fans.

Until then keep watching Ice Age (2002).

P.S. It’s good they didn’t give Scrat a girlfriend… now wait just a minute… you lazy bastards.

Picture: © Disney

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