When did Game of Thrones died?

Game of Thrones used to be one of the greatest TV shows of its time, seasons one to four are amazing and I would be lying if I said that seasons five and six hadn’t their moments of greatness. A lot of speculations appeared targeting when it happened, when Game of Thrones died and when the show finally lost its qualities. Well let’s find out. This my opinion on when it happened and what were the results, that led to the unfortunate finale.

Speculations of the others

It is understandable to search the start of the failure of the writing in Game of Thrones and lot of theories tried to figure out when this happened, and all of these speculations are legitimate and have their bases in reality. Most common opinion is that Game of Thrones writing took a serious blow when writers run out of George R. R. Martin’s book material and had to rely on their own material. With this theory I very much agree, because Martin’s books are very unpredictable and fan theories that tried to speculate what will happen next almost usually end with typical fantasy tropes. This is a serious problem with Game of Thrones TV show, because it ended with a lot of fantasy tropes.

Another opinion is that the show died with Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance). It is true that Tywin Lannister was a vital help to the show, his absence was never really filled with another character. But there were another antagonistic characters, that were really threatening. Dorne is storyline that many marked as the worst, and yes, Dorne was a lacking storyline and characters in it were nothing in comparison towards their book counterparts.

My speculation

After a long time, I realized that Game of Thrones lost what made it so intriguing was the death of Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon), Ramsay Bolton was really the show’s last threatening and unpredictable antagonist and someone who audience hated and around no character was safe. The evolution of the show’s antagonists was something really fascinating (from Joffrey to Ramsay), problem really appeared that without an antagonistic male character, the show suddenly lost its drive. Game of Thrones needed this kind of character and this character was supposed to be Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk). Euron Greyjoy was one of the worst written characters in Game of Thrones. I also think that he is bit too much in the books, while we can see his motivation at the start (season six) throughout the later seasons it was never acted on, so he wanted to be king and rule Westeros, well that would be interesting if he would try to manipulate Cersei Lannister (Lana Headey) and maybe having his own agenda, but nothing happened. Euron Greyjoy was just underling, obeying Cersei’s every command and being a stupid moron. His threat was that he appeared anywhere where our protagonists were. That’s all.

Case against Cersei

You might be thinking: Well what about Cersei? First, this is not the fault of Lena Headey, she was fantastic in all seasons. The problem is that Cersei Lannister works best when she had someone else to co-play with, characters like Petyr Baelish, High Sparrow, Tywin Lannister, Joffrey, Robert Baratheon, Margaery Tyrell, Tyrion Lannister and finally Jaime Lannister. Once all those characters disappeared and only one that remained was that douchebag Euron, in season seven at least there was Jaime. For most of the seasons there were memorable scenes of dialogues between Cersei and someone else. Have you noticed how little interesting moments Cersei had, or at least dialogue scenes? I don’t know about you, but this was something I noticed, and it makes sense to me. 

Final antagonist and 180

Night King was a failure and my reasons can be find here. And the supposed final antagonist was Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), because Game of Thrones had to end with surprising/stupid twist (if M. Night Shyamalan wrote the end) and I did not like this twist. First, Daenerys hadn’t acted insane in show; yes, she acted cruelly and sometimes ruthlessly, but not insanely, in my opinion worst case scenario for Daenerys would be something like Tywin Lannister, cruel and cunning person that to who: “The end justifies the means”. Her potential insanity should be more developed or scraped all the way. Show’s treatment of “Targaryen madness” become a lazy get out of jail free card, you know what I mean, the argument that: “her ancestors were insane and so is she.” If you know anything about Game of Thrones lore, you know that there weren’t that many insane Targaryens (Aerys II., Maegor, maybe Baelor and couple of few like five more). Daenerys doesn’t work as villain or a madwoman. Her final decision burning King’s Landing to the ground made her look incredibly stupid. She didn’t just killed her enemies, but also an entire city, how exactly is she supposed to rule from a pile of smoking rubble? For me it was like if Jon Snow (Kit Harington) would murder Daenerys to take the throne for himself, just because he is a Targaryen. 

Balance of evil

Ramsay Bolton was show’s last true antagonist, a real threat when anybody could still die, when Game of Thrones was unpredictable. He had some bad moments and one really goofy one, but otherwise he was what made Game of Thrones so interesting to watch. His character was also a correct balance in the show, someone incredibly evil and vile. After his death in the “Battle of Bastards” episode a lot of things changed for me, I realized how incredibly unlikable main characters became (Sansa and Arya) and if your protagonists do not have someone to counter-play against, you realize that all conflicts were artificial or pointless and characters are put into dump situation just for sake of having a quarrel.

Picture: HBO

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