Far Cry New Dawn: What to expect?

The Far Cry series is full of surprises. After a game set in the Mesolithic Age (Far Cry Primal, 2016) the new spin-off takes place in a post-apocalyptic world: Far Cry New Dawn. It will be released on February 15, 2019 for PC, PS4 and XBOX. What does the new game have to do with its predecessor Far Cry 5? And is Far Cry now becoming the new and better Fallout?


An unusal postapocaliptic world

Far Cry: New Dawn is set in a postapocaliptic world. But it’s an unusual postapocaliptic world because the game is designed to avoid post-apocalypse clichés. The look is clearly different from the competition such as Fallout: After an apparently very short nuclear winter it gets colorful and not grey or gloomy. A very colourful world awaits you in New Dawn.

The new Far Cry takes place 17 years after the end of Far Cry 5 at the same place in Montana. The map is largely based on Far Cry 5, but is a bit smaller. Players will find places known from the predecessor, such as the chapel of cult leader Joseph Seed – which is now completely overgrown.

How much Fallout is in the new Far Cry? Well, here and there players will explore an open post-apocalyptic world, go treasure hunting, discover new locations, shoot with strange homemade weapons, and raid enemy outposts. But the Postapocalypse is in New Dawn far less exotic and depressing than in Bethesda’s role-playing series… However, the disappointed gamers from Fallout 76 could find some comfort in this new Far Cry game.

An unusal main villain

Far Cry: New Dawn offers for the first time in the history of the franchise female main villains. And one is not enough for the developers, they created even two! The main female opponents follow in the footsteps of Vaas, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. Will this massive change also have an impact on the villains attitude? Women are maybe less brutal than men, but they can be much more cruel…

The siblings Mickie and Lou “inherited” the position from their father. They killed the man “after he became a problem” and then took over the gang Highwaymen. It’s possible that we are going to see a dynamic villain duo in a male dominated world.

Unusual missions

Another big innovation in Far Cry New Dawn are the so-called “expeditions”: small missions where you get some resources and loot after completion. The clou: These missions don’t play in Montana, but outside the Open World. As examples the developers mentioned the US west coast, a canyon or an abandoned amusement park in Louisiana.

That’s an interesting point because it means that gamers are not really “trapped” in the open world. It seems to be a great alternation.

So far, this Far Cry game seems very unusal. Will that revitalize the franchise? You can buy Far Cry New Dawn for around 40 € / $40 in Mid-February 2019 and see by yourself.

Until then keep playing!

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