Our top 7 summer movies

Before finishing summer, it can be a great idea to enjoy as best as possible this holiday and party mood feeling. Long hours with nothing to do in front of the sofa, or just standing the heat, the best you can do is to watch movies! At filmspiel we have collected seven gems of cinema for summer:

  1. Jaws (Steven Spielberg, 1975)

We all have ever watched this classic movie from the renowned director Steven Spielberg in which a sheriff, a marine biologist and a sailor tries to hunt down a great white shark. Its constant tension won’t let you down and you will think twice before going to the water next time you go to the beach!


  1. And your mother too (Alfonso Cuarón, 2001)

This Mexican movie from the movie director Alfonso Cuarón also known because of other films such as Children of Men explores friendship and eroticism in three different characters with different views of life and background going on an adventure around Mexico. If you already know this country, you may have a new perspective of it.

y tu.jpg

  1. Lilo and Stitch (Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois, 2002)

Do you feel like going back to your childhood in summer? This Hawaiian set movie has been one our favorite child movies for summer mood. We all have wanted to be Lilo and have someone as Stich to make crazy things with.


  1. Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine, 2012)

Though this movie is an ode to spring, we could consider this feeling of freedom, that the movie gives us also for summer. In this neoliberalism society, party can be seen as a way to escape for some, and in this movie, it is extremely explored.


  1. Before sunrise (Richard Linklater, 1995)

What about love? Summer is also for love and getting to know new people, and this time can be on a train taking a trip far away from home! This movie is the first one of a trilogy in which the director explores about first love and gives a lot of meaning to dialogues. We do not want to tell you more because you must see it!


  1. Cast Away (Robert Zemeckis, 2000)

The only thing that we do not want us to happen in summer is to get lost on an island. Away from friends, family, work, home, cast away! This American movie from Robert Zemeckis will keep you attached to the sofa as you will be looking forward to know what will happen to the principal character.


  1. About time (Richard Curtis, 2013)

What if we would have more than one time to take a decision? Richard Curtis is known for creating a funny and nice ambient on movies, and this film is not an exception. The principal character has the ability to go back in his past and change a decision he has already taken, but that changes completely the present he was living in and that cannot satisfy us, so should we regret the past?


Until then keep watching!

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